Zipper Pouches 

Olivia (XS) / Emma (S) / Jenny (M)

You know what's it like, right? Always having to dig through your bag for your makeup or pens & pencils. Or worse your medicines. Wouldn't it be great to have everything together? Never to have to search for your things on the bottom of your bag?

Come and meet Olivia, Emma and Jenny. Three different sizes zipper pouches. These pouches can help you get more organized, happy, confident and in control. 

I made them for you with:

  • a colorful fabric outside - lovely and fun in your favorite color, making you happy and cheerful
  • a padded exterior - soft yet sturdy so you know your belongings are protected
  • matching lining fabric inside - light and bright to easily find what you need
  • a ribbon on the zipper pull - to open your pouch quickly, no need to search for that little zipper pull
  • a zipper tab at the end of the zipper - for easy closure, just grab that tab and close it up 
  • boxed corners - making the pouch spacious inside so you can take everything with you
  • a longer zipper - this opens up your pouch fully so you see what you need with one glance inside.


Get in control of your precious belongings and do that in a fun way. Olivia, Emma and Jenny will make you feel happy and relaxed.

You are on top of things, you are prepared!