How to organize...your shoes

How to organize your shoes -

When a new season is approaching, it's a good time to look at all the shoes that are in your hallway. And how best to keep them organized and ready for grabs.

Here in Norway we take our shoes of in the house and leave them by the door. It is necessary to give those shoes their own space so that every pair stays together and you can actually enter the house! You don't want to look for every other shoe, when leaving the house and your child is yelling: "Mommy, have you seen my other shoe?!" I understand, I get you. It's a drag, because you are already late and don't have the time to search the whole house for that "other shoe", right? Believe me, I've been there...

But after our move to Norway and getting used to the leaving-your-shoes-by-the-door ritual, it has become more and more organized in that area. You would think there is a pile of shoes by the door, right? But no, I took care of that with these:

 The shoe tray

Ideal for boots and shoes if they are wet and/or dirty. Especially in autumn and winter this is great. No puddles and no snow dripping on the floor.

 The shoe rack

This is for dry shoes only. You don't want wet shoes dripping into the shoes underneath, right? Ours has just 2 levels, but that is enough and it fits right under the coat rack. A real space saver that way!

 A rattan basket

This big beautiful basket is filled with slippers, flip-flops and indoor shoes.

It's a very easy system that even your youngest understands. And you don't need a big entrance for this, believe me. Our hallway is a narrow one and it fits just fine. Give it a try so you can see for yourself how easy it works. Let me know how it worked out in your hallway, ok? I would love to hear it.


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