How do you store your knitting needles? Here is the perfect solution and how it came about

How do you store your knitting needles -

Every Wednesday evening my girlfriends and I come together at my place. They are here at half past 7, leave their shoes by the door  and join me at the kitchen table or in my sewing room.

It is always exciting to see what my friends are working on.

One is sewing (that would be me ;) ). The other one is coloring a stamp and scrapping a lovely Christmas card with lots of color and decorating it beautifully with ribbons, flowers and swirls. And the next one is knitting in the most gorgeous soft yarn you have ever felt. Combined with a whole lot of talking, laughing and snacking. That’s what we girls do, right?

When my one of my friends, took her knitting project out of her bag, she looked at her stuff with a sad face, sighed and said she was unhappy with the way it all was packed. She wanted a beautiful case, of some sort, to bring her precious knitting needles in. And not in the plastic zip-lock bags she loathed. Couldn’t I make something for her?

Of course, I love a challenge!

Well I’m not much of a knitter, so I needed her help with this. What was it that she wanted and needed exactly? She took all her knitting needles with her and we went to work. She measured, I took notes and we discussed how it would come together. Of each size she had 5 needles of each. And of course circular knitting needles, let’s not forget those. We made kind of a pattern and she chose fabrics in her favorite purple colors. This first one was not quite satisfying for her circular knitting needles, but her straight needles were beautifully packed away. I made her a round case with cute little owls just for her circular needles. She was happy!

Another lady saw the case for the straight needles on my Facebook page. She wanted one too. We talked about it and I said that the pocket for the circular needles were a bit of a concern. “But what if you …?” She had a brilliant idea how to solve this and I started with it. 

The final version of the Chloe Combo Needle Case was a fact!

As up to today I made several beautiful cases in all kinds of vibrant colors and fabric combinations. I hadn't even finished one and it was sold already. But now, luckily I have a few in the shop. It is a great gift for you, why not indulge yourself for once. Yes, just do it! Or maybe you need a birthday gift for your mother or what about a Christmas gift for your friend?

Do YOU have a beautiful and satisfying storage for your precious knitting needles and circular needles?