Are your socks intact? Welcome in!

Are your socks intact- Welcome in! -

"Hi! Come on in, no no...just leave your shoes on...”

When you ring the bell and open the front door, a colorful pile of shoes and boots meets you and welcomes you in. You have to stumble your way into the house, lifting your legs not to fall over. Where to put YOUR shoes?

In Norway it is custom that you kick off your shoes and leave them at the entrance.

That was something we, as Dutchies had to get used to. For our kids it was just a matter of time, before they played by the rules. But for us parents it took a little bit longer, especially in our own home. I just want to keep my warm shoes on like I was used to do!

Of course we were here before, but that was on holiday and you keep your shoes on in your tent (well maybe not there, but that was for other obvious reasons) and in the cabin you rent.  When you enter a hotel you don’t have to “kick of your shoes”. But in those holiday weeks we were never invited to come over to someone’s house. So that custom was new for us when we moved to Norway after 21 (!) years of holidaying here.

And when you think of it, it is great that people respect your home and leave their dirty, wet shoes behind.

Especially in winter when snow and ice is hanging off the soles! That gave my hubby a reason to have to buy a whole range of new socks when we moved to Norway in 2008. He tends to use a pair, “just one more time” before tossing them out. But what if we were invited by our new neighbors? You can’t have holes in your socks! Not even the tiniest little ones. He was converted and finally my dear man bought 10 pairs of new socks.

But what if you tend to get cold feet easily?

You don’t want to leave your warm shoes behind, especially in winter! Luckily it is not strange to bring your “innesko” , your indoor shoes. It could be an extra pair of cable knitted socks, worn over your first pair. Or maybe a pair of warm fleece lined crocs. The majority of our visitors just walk in on their socks. But I like to bring my crocs. I even have a special bag hanging in the entrance, just so I won't have to look for one every single time I know I am going to visit friends.

However when my customers visit me in my sewing room, it is usually to pick up a piece of clothing I repaired for them. So it is in and out the door, basically. That’s why I tell them to leave their shoes on, no problem for me. But I can see it is making some of them uncomfortable. And they leave their shoes behind anyway.

So it is up to you, be welcome in my sewing room, kick off your shoes (or not) and take a look around.

Are you taking your shoes off in your home?


Thanks to Nienke for the photo of the beautiful socks!