The story of the Sam Shopping Bag

 Sam, a stylish bag you want to take shopping - Colleke Creations

Let me tell you a little story.

A story about a bag, named Sam. Sam wasn't supposed to come to life you know, Sofie was. You wanna know why? Ok, I'll share with you this story.

About a year ago, when the Allison bag was introduced and available in the shop, I wanted to give her some company.

So I asked members in the CC Circle and the lovely people who follow me on social media, what I could help them with. 

A reusable shopping bag!

Of course, I myself always shop for groceries using reusable bags. I have a bunch of them. And aren't those the best? Those canvas bags are sturdy and strong. Plus when dirty, just throw them in the washing machine. I truly have shopping bags that are more than 20 years old (when I thought about it, I was completely amazed myself!) And I use them every week. It's unbelievable!

So I started my search for the perfect pattern.

Maybe I could even make it foldable. That way you would always have it in your bag to carry with you. I found a nice pattern, it was for a reusable and foldable shopping bag. I made a prototype, but because of the lining and thicker canvas, the foldable part wasn't functioning right. I fell out of love with Sofie. The idea of Sofie the shopping bag was put on the back burner.

 Good quality, my 25 year old shopping bag - Colleke Creations

Good quality, my 25 year old shopping bag - Colleke Creations

Summer came and the boxed zipper pouches were introduced.

Allison finally had some company. In the Fall, I worked on the flat zipper pouches. Still with the idea of a shopping bag in the back of my mind.

Early January 2018, a dear friend of mine came by and saw a bag hanging in my sewing room.

She found it to be the cutest bag. It was a bag, I made several years back already, but somehow never got to use it. "You should develop this", she said. I said, "OK, but you give it a name than". Sam, it would be. We talked about some adjustments, like adding pockets. The original had no pockets what so ever. The length of the handles that sort of things.

 The bag from which the Sam Shopping Bag was born - Colleke Creations

The bag from which the Sam Shopping Bag was born - Colleke Creations

I started developing Sam, to what she is now, with her zipper pocket on the front and 2 slip pockets inside.

Sam became a stylish bag, you wánt to take shopping.

From April 2018, Sam is available in the shop, together with Allison, Olivia, Emma, Jenny, Rosie, Sage, and Madison. I love this bunch, I hope you do too.

Sam will be the focal point in May. Go check her out in the shop. And make her your new bestie. 

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