How to style your outfit with a bag

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 How to style your outfit with a bag. Although, is this the way to think? Maybe you need to choose a bag that fits your wardrobe - Colleke Creations

As you may read in the title of this post, you are supposed to adapt your bag to your outfit.

But is that always necessary? Or even desired?

This presumes that we almost need a different bag for every single outfit. Think about it for a moment, how many outfits could you make by combining your clothes? Even with a capsule wardrobe you could easily make 20-25 outfits? Does that mean you need 20 different bags? Or even 10?

In my opinion, a bag is not the same kind of accessory as say, a scarf or earrings. For me, a bag falls into the same category as my glasses. I have only one pair of glasses, well besides my reading glasses and sunglasses. They need to fit whatever I'm wearing.

A bag is, like a pair of glasses, a very personal item in my eyes.

So maybe the title of this post should be: how to choose a bag that fits your wardrobe.

We all have a certain style, right?

Some particular pieces in a wardrobe from which we always buy more. We are drawn to this kind of clothing, to a certain style. That could be classic, boho, romantic or casual. You feel good, like yourself in your style. You feel comfortable and confident. 

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If you know what your clothing style is, you can choose a bag that fits that style. But what if you don't know exactly how to label your style? Because belief it or not, everyone has a style. 

This is a fun experiment for a lazy Sunday afternoon

  • first of all, take out everything you have in your closet
  • make outfits you usually wear and take a selfie of you wearing it. Also accessorize with shawls and jewelry
  • make as many combinations as possible from the pieces you would wear or already wear
  • are there clothes you don't wear or that don't go with anything (anymore)? Guess what, you just decluttered your closet and made your own capsule wardrobe!
  • now make a collage of all the selfies you took. You can do that by printing out your photos or to just make a document on your computer, whatever you prefer
  • do you recognise a certain style in your selfies? If you're not sure try finding certain styles by Googling or on Pinterest. Congratulations you found your style!

As soon as you know your clothing style, you can find a bag that fits that style.

You can choose a color for your bag that fits (most of) your clothes.

Also pay attention to how you want to use your bags and in what kind of situations you carry a bag.

Do you need to carry a lot with you? Sometimes you need a clutch for when you go to a party for example. Other times you need a shopper. But those are not your average days, they are moments in time.

Find a bag that suits all kinds of situations.

Or at least for your day to day life. You will get the most out of your bag and you will always feel put together.

The Allison bag does that for me. I have everything with me at all times. I know exactly where I can find everything in my bag without even looking into it, because of the great pockets that keep her organized. Plus I have space to spare for some items I might buy along the way.

Now tell me: does your bag go with your clothing style and outfits?

 Colleke - Colleke Creations