6 Mother's Day crafts for teens

 6 Mother's Day crafts for teens - DIY projects your teens can do themselves - Colleke Creations

What is more precious than receiving a Mother's Day gift from your teenager, that they made themselves?

Of course, when your kids are in Kindergarten or the early years in primary school, they make you a card or a drawing. Maybe a beaded necklace or a crown. But they don't want to do that anymore when your kids hit the teen years.

I myself think it's even more special when my teen girls make me something from the heart and with their own hands.

Last year they backed me a heart-shaped cake among other things. I love that!

To give them some awesome ideas, I collected 6 crafts from fellow mom bloggers. 

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Now tell me: which is your favorite crafted gift?

Happy Mother's Day!!


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