The Sage zipper pouch (S)

After Olivia and Emma, Sage will be in the spotlight this month.

Well because it's almost halfway April, let's give her some May-time too, ok? Sage is the middle sister of the flat zipper pouches. Yes, I treat my pouches as my babies :D

You can use the Sage pouch for a lot of different things.

Are you a crafter like I was, back in the days? Use Sage to take your markers with you. Or other smaller items, like stickers or washi tape. 

Maybe you knit or crochet? Sage is the perfect project bag for your sock or mittens knitting. 

Do you love couponing? Collect your coupons and receipts in the Sage zipper pouch.

And a few other uses, as

  • a makeup bag
  • your first aid kit
  • or to keep your mini-tablet, charger, and earbuds together.

Sage can handle it, no problem.

Like all zipper pouches from Colleke Creations, Sage has a bright and fun exterior. You know what I love about Sage too? Her light interior. Things will be right for grabs without looking into dark nooks and crannies.

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Or maybe you have a birthday coming up.

Wouldn't Sage make a great gift?

Check her out in the shop. You have 7 different fabric combinations to choose from.

Flat zipper pouch Sage (S) - choose from 7 fabric variations
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Now tell me: what could YOU use the Sage zipper pouch for?

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