The Emma zipper pouch (S)

Earlier we talked about the Olivia zipper pouch, remember?

This month her bigger sister, Emma has the spotlight.

In fact, Emma in size S was the first zipper pouch I made when I was looking for another product to add to the shop for you guys.  She is perfect as a makeup bag.

Besides that, here are a few other ways you could enjoy your Emma zipper pouch

  • snacks
  • cords and chargers for your electronics and phone
  • first-aid kit
  • toiletry bag
  • collect makeup and perfume samples
  • hair accessories
  • jewelry
  • pens, pencils, notebook and post-it notes
  • toys for your kids or grandkids
  • and of course like I said, as a makeup bag

Besides having the Emma pouch in your regular handbag,

what about using her in your gym bag or yoga bag? Your teacher bag or on the road? And of course in your beach bag! Summer is coming you know :)

Emma is made from a colorful fabric on the outside and a light & bright fabric on the inside.

To protect all your belongings, I gave her a padded layer. We don't want your things to end up in pieces, right?

Are you as enthusiastic as I am about the Emma zipper pouch with her boxed corners?

Go to the shop and get your own Emma or give her as a gift!

Boxed zipper pouch Emma (S) - choose from 6 fabric variations
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