Packing your bag, the way to do it

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 Packing your bag so you see at a glance what's in it and what's missing. Here is the one thing you need in your bag - Colleke Creations

Do something for me, will ya?

Grab your bag, open it up and take a good look inside. What do you see? Chaos? Order? Come on be honest now. Maybe it's a little bit of both. Because well, you úse your bag, right?

I don't like chaos and clutter in my bag.

It makes me feel disorganized and I'm not sure if I have everything I need, when I'm on the go. Once I was grocery shopping and when I was at the register to pay for everything the friendly lady had already scanned, I searched for my wallet and it wasn't there. Oh my gosh, I never want to experience that again! That's why I have an organized bag now.

It's actually packing your bag once, in a way so you can see at a glance, what's possibly missing.  There is a lot of info on how to pack your travel bag, your suitcase or your hospital bag.

But let's talk about your day to day handbag.

First, it's key to have a bag with enough space for all you want or need to carry with you. Besides the obvious as your wallet, phone, and keys, there are 10 additional essentials to carry around. And you want to have room for these and quick access to them. That means you need to organize your bag in a way that is convenient for you and fits your lifestyle.

But overall, we want to open our bag and take what we need at that moment.

We don't want to waste time messing around and rummaging through your bag, not being able to find what you need from it.

The answer to this is pockets!

Pockets can help you pack your bag in an organized way. Especially when you "assign" each pocket to hold a specific item.

I have a pocket for my phone for instance. I look into my bag, I see that pocket being empty and I know I don't have my phone yet, before leaving the house. Also when we're in the car and my kids need or want something from my bag, without needing to take a look into my bag, I know where they can find it. It's golden!

The Allison bag has a lot of pockets.

Different pockets, Bigger pockets, smaller pockets. A zippered pocket on the outside and a zippered divider pocket on the inside. There isn't a single object that doesn't find a place in the Allison bag.

That's what I mean.

You don't need to buy the Allison bag necessarily. But you do need a bag where you can see at a glance what's in it, right?

Now tell me: do you see what you carry with you right away, when you take a look in your bag?

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