How I spend my day off

 How I spend my day off as a busy mom, how do you relax? - Colleke Creations

As a mom, we never have a whole day off, I mean réally off.

There is always someone who needs you at some point. And that's ok, right? And when you do have a day off and totally nothing on your plate, there comes a moment yóu stop and think about your kids.

For me, I always have my middle daughter in the back of my mind.

She has type 1 diabetes and although she is a teenager now and doesn't need my constant help and attention anymore, I still think about her, how she's doing and if her blood glucose levels are ok. 

I always rise and shine around the same time, even in the weekend.

I'm a morning person and I love to have the house to myself in the early hours of the day. Before I can enjoy my day off and really relax, I need to know that my work for the day is finished. Or I need to plan a day with nothing on my plate

And as I write and think about how I love to spend my day off,

it's being home, with my family around me. I love to hang around the house and just see what I want to do without so much of a plan. 

Sometimes that's just reading or watching a movie with my girls.

Their dad is more of a reader, so although he is with us in the living room, he is in his own world without the 4 of us 😉. But most of the times I need to dó something. I go through the room and see what I can organize.

In May, I will attend a flea market.

So I'm collecting stuff from every nook and cranny of the house. It will be put under the stairs until it's time for that flea market. It's so satisfying to have yet another place neat and tidy again. Sounds silly maybe, but I can really enjoy that!

On such days off, I also love to talk with my hubby about all sorts of things.

After 34 years together, we still surprise each other sometimes on how we think about stuff. With a cup of tea or hot chocolate while the woodstove is burning. Or on our terras with a cold ice tea in the sun. The girls are coming to an age that they want to participate in the conversation. And family talks with all 5 of us are the best!!

Tell me: how do you love to spend your day off? 

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