6 Knitting and Crochet patterns for Easter

 6 Knitting and crochet patterns for Easter to decorate your home - Colleke Creations

Easter is just around the corner.

Did you realize that? Oh my gosh, time flies right?

I learned from friends and customers that my zipper pouches are excellent project- and notion-bags for knitting and crocheting projects.

That's why I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of some Easter projects for you. 

To be honest, I don't knit or crochet. But I love to see everything others are making. The intricate patterns are just stunning sometimes. I did try it, I once knitted a little baby sweater but when it came to putting the parts together, that's where I failed. 

So I asked my friends for their favorites and I searched Pinterest

1. Janice from "Rowan" has on Ravelry these cute three Easter chickens for you. Knit all three and set them on your mantelpiece or cupboard.

2. Helga from "Waar is Mam" ("where is mom") made a pattern to crochet a sweet Easter bunny holding a basket. It's in Dutch but use Google translate if you're not familiar with Dutch. 

3. Marina from "MyCroWonders" has a pattern for you of these adorably crocheted tulips. Everlasting even beyond Easter!

4. Kristen from "Studio Knit" has a very simple bunny knitted from just a square piece. So simple, even your kids (or I as a non-knitter) can do it!

5. Susan from "KnotJustCrocheted" has 5 fun projects for you. And she even has them all in one bundle. From bunnies and ducks to a little mini basket.

6. Petra from "Wolplein" has cute egg cups you can crochet. The original website is in Dutch, but with Google translate you can turn it into English, no problem.

Do you know about Amigurumi?

The Japenese projects that are knitted or crocheted small stuffed animals and dolls. On Amigurumi Today, this fun rooster for the advanced crocheter. Isn't he just the sweetest with his little vest?

And if you don't knit or crochet, just like me,

you can always buy some great Easter decorations, crocheted or knitted by wonderful and skilled ladies out there. Like these cute chick egg covers by Michelle from "Made by MEE" (also go check out her adorable hats for your kids or grandkids. They are just too sweet!)

The zipper pouches Olivia and Rosie are great as notion bags, while Jenny and Madison make excellent projects bags.

Click on their names and go check them out!

Now tell me: Are you a knitter or crocheter? Share your favorite Easter project with us in the comments :)

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