The Olivia zipper pouch (XS)

We all have those smaller things we want to carry around in our bags, right?

Like that lipstick or some hairbands for yourself or your girls. And you don't want those just floating around in your bag. I sure don't. It's not handy and it makes a mess in your bag. 

This smaller zipper pouch, the Olivia, is perfect for keeping it together. Things like:

  • medicines
  • makeup
  • earbuds
  • extra pair of contacts or glasses
  • essential oils
  • tampons and liners
  • just to name a few

Thanks to the design it opens up fully and it's easy to see what you need and just grab it.

This Olivia zipper pouch also makes a perfect gift. Or even to be the wrapper of your gift.

I just love this smaller handy-dandy pouch. And I bet you do too. Go to the shop and take a look at the different colors. And be sure to subscribe to the CC Letter to get updates on when new products are in the shop and for special bonuses. Because you know, first come, first served!

Boxed zipper pouch Olivia (XS) - choose from 6 fabric variations
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