Things you didn't think about putting in your bag (but helpful if you had)

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 Things you didn't think about putting in your bag (but helpful if you had) - Colleke Creations

There are times you end up in an unexpected situation.

And as women and moms we want to be prepared and fix the problem at that moment, right?

Sometimes you don't even have a choice.

Like a friend of mine. She was vending at a show,  wearing a denim skirt with front pockets. All of a sudden she heard a noise and there it was, an 8” rip in her skirt along the edge of the front pocket. Luckily she had a bag of safety pins in her bag she could use to pin-up the rip.

Imagine she didn't have those safety pins. The situation would be a lot more complicated.

So I asked other moms and women what they have or had in there bags that was a lifesaver once. This is what they told me

  • a spork, a combo of a fork and spoon in one
  • a storytelling book to keep your kids entertained when you have to wait
  • a roll of toilet paper and toilet wipes
  • dog treats and poop bags. Also great as throw up bag
  • underwear/ panties because you never know when your period hits you
  • lock de-icer for your car. Better in your bag then your car!
  • a measuring tape
  • knitting or crocheting projects because you never know when the opportunity is there to do a few rows
  • tools like a little screwdriver or little wrench
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • small bags with salt

I know these are some crazy things right? But these moms and women were happy having these items when they needed them most.

Now tell me: what do you carry around in your bag that's not so typical?

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