How to make your bag lighter

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 How to make your bag lighter. Get that weight off your shoulder or back - Colleke Creations

Have you ever taken a good look at what you carry around all the time?

Day in, day out? To your job, to pick up your kids, to the supermarket or just to go shopping with your friends?

I bet there are items in your bag you didn't even know were still in there.

Think about old receipts, that book you were reading or an extra, yet empty battery for your phone. Some even have a big keychain with old keys, a small curling iron or flat iron. Really the most strange things we carry around with us. It's madness and it has to stop!

So let's tackle this once and for all, right now!

  • take your bag and take everything out, yes everything, just hold it upside down even
  • now sort. What is in there that you really need when you step outside? What can you leave out? And be brutally honest, ok?
  • what's on the pile of "necessary", take that back in your bag.

Let's weigh your bag.

A proper bag shouldn't weigh more than 3,6 kg or 8 lbs. I find that heavy already. My own Allison bag, with everything in it, weighs half, 1,9 kg or 4 lbs (and yes, I weighed it. Heck, I was curious too!). That's the beauty of the Allison bag, it's light-weight all in itself. it only weighs 580 grams or 1,2 lbs. Yet it is as strong as a horse!

If your bag is still too heavy, you can even go further with this.

Look at the items in your bag now you've cleaned it out. Are there items in there that you could replace for a lighter version? Let me give you an example. Your purse could hold a heck of a lot of change. Maybe you don't need that. Exchange it for paper money, for bills. Look at that sort of things.

It's possible you can even lift more weight off your shoulder, literally!

I hope you give this a go. We women carry a lot around and hurting our back and shoulders in the process. Let's take care of our bags ánd ourselves. 

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