What's appealing about Bullet Journaling?

 What's appealing about Bullet Journaling? - Colleke Creations

Just the other day, I talked to my mum about it.

Bullet Journaling. She has heard about it and she had seen a lot of pins on Pinterest already. But she didn’t really know what Bullet Journaling wás exactly.

I have to say, Bullet Journaling is very appealing to me.

I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the organizing site of it. I love to-do lists and lists in general and that's the basic a Bullet Journaling, right? The name says it all: Journaling written in Bullet-form.
I also like the creative side of Bullet Journaling. Before, I used to make cards and turn photos into beautiful scrapbook pages. I had less and less time for that and now I don't scrapbook anymore. But I do miss the creative side of it. Playing with beautiful papers, stamps and all kinds of embellishments.

Bullet Journaling brings me back to my teenage years, a long time ago (lol!).

In those days we used our agendas/calendar books not so much to write down our tasks and homework. But more to scribble and pen down words and quotes. Or doodling and drawing. Bullet Journaling feels to me like the grown-up version of those teenager agendas.

The beauty ( and maybe also the scary thing) of Bullet Journaling is, there are no rules.

You can dó whatever you want. You can tráck whatever you want. It's your journal and you don't need to share it with anybody. You can keep it as simple as you want to and the empty pages make it easy to just begin. Because that's what is needed, you just need to begin.

And if you do need some help to get you started,

there is plenty of help and examples on social media channels. Just search for #bulletjournal, #bujo or #bulletjournallove to name a few. On bulletjournal.com you find the basics.

Now tell me: do you Bullet Journal or would you like to?

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