Create your map with challenges & goals

 Create your map with challenges and goals - Colleke Creations

It's January and everybody is making plans.

At least, that's how it feels,  what it looks like, right? You read all about it in social media, in blog posts, everywhere.

Do you need a new plan for 2018?

That's a good question. I believe in making plans. But I only learned how to do that in a proper way after starting a business. Because businesses need goals, right? They need to grow, get sustainable and develop new products, content, and interesting things all the time for their customers. But what about the ordinary man or woman?

What about personal development?

That doesn't stop after graduating from school. What did my husband say the other day? You always need new projects and challenges in life. Reaching for something new. He said: “ you need to fill your backpack with your own experiences in order to be able to help others. Make a difference. That will bring fulfillment to your own life as well”. And he is right. You don't need New Year's resolutions, you need challenges and goals, All. Year. Round.

For Colleke Creations, I still have my goal to grow.

Reach more busy moms and women, whom I can help with my blog posts and Instagram posts. Who find my Pins on Pinterest helpful. And not the least, whom I can help with my bags and pouches.

I learned a lot in 2017.

With the help of a great coach and awesome community. You can learn from other people. People with more experience. Or sometimes they just provide another look at the matter.

For me, that means having the courage to ask.

But also the courage to do things on my own. I’m a real introvert and a rather shy person. So COURAGE will be my word for 2018.

In these first weeks in January, I was reviewing 2017 and I’m making plans for 2018. I want to add to the collection of products in the shop. And just like last year, I would love to do a series of blog posts on a certain topic. So I would appreciate and welcome your input on that.

Now tell me: What are your challenges and goals in 2018?

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