Fashion Fall Outfits

  Find out what's trendy for Fall 2017. Pick those keywords that speak to you and put together your favorite fashion outfits for the season - Colleke Creations

Are you a trend follower or do you create your own style?

Every season the big designers come with a new range of clothing which they present to "us" on the runway. They tell us what to wear this season. What colors, materials, and styles are hot.

I myself go by my own trend.

And although there is this certain offer on clothes in the shops, of course, I manage to pick what suits me and my style most. 

For fall 2017 there are a lot of different directions you could go.

Here are some keywords when it comes to Fall Fashion 2017:

  • red (thé color for fall 2017)
  • glitter (as in silver and gold)
  • cowboy look (in a feminine way)
  • pantsuit (maybe for work)
  • neutral plaids (think the '70s)
  • high collar (but no turtlenecks)
  • broad shoulders (with shoulder pads?)

  • chic fishnet tights (worn in a classy way)
  • floral prints (tops and dresses)
  • mid-length skirts (with lots of movement)
  • wide belts (on clothes and coats)
  • fun fake fur (in browns or colors)
  • knitted sweaters (crafts and culture)
  • words (make it clear, make a statement)

If you love to see some outfits on the runway, check out Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan

Which keywords speak to you?

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