How to organize doing your laundry

 Organize doing your laundry with these tips and tricks to ease laundry day and be finished for the week - Colleke Creations

Doing laundry, not everybody's favorite household chore.

But with a family, it's most of the time a necessary evil. So we want to make it as pleasant and not in the least, quick as possible. 

Throughout the years, as our family grew, I started doing laundry at a set time in the week.

Now that we have 3 teenage girls, everybody knows I wash, dry and iron or fold in the weekend. Mostly on Sundays, because that's when we're home anyway at the moment.

Of course, every mom has her own ways of doing the laundry. I want to share with you how I organize doing my laundry in the hope I can help you ease this chore a little bit.

  • Laundry baskets

    At our house, every bedroom has a little laundry hamper. And every bathroom too. The kids put their dirty clothes in their own hamper after getting ready for bed. And we have bigger hampers in the bathrooms for towels and washcloths.
  • Pick a laundry day

    I wash only on one day in the week. Sunday is laundry day at our house. Everybody knows that and if you need something to be clean the following week (like the kids need their gym clothes for example), they better have it in the hamper to be washed. I don't do extra, small loads. Sunday works best for us at the moment, but sometimes I also wash on Saturday or Monday, if Sunday is a busy day. I hate doing laundry every day of the week, because I feel like it never stops and I always feel "behind".
  • Sorting your laundry

    Everyone can sort her own laundry here. I start the different piles and the girls can add their laundry to it. Of course, it's important to empty the pockets and when in doubt they can always ask. Do this early in the morning or even better late the evening before so you can start early
  • Start early

    If you want to do all of your washing, drying and ironing on one day, you better start early. I make sure I can press start on the washing machine first thing in the morning. Therefor I let everybody sort already the evening before. If you don't want to wake up early, maybe you can have a timer on your washing machine.
  • Drying your laundry

    If it's possible and you have space and time, you can always dry your laundry outside. But I dry most of our clothes in the dryer. Our dryer and washing machine can operate at the same time. If you don't have a dryer or your appliances can't run at the same time, you can always dry on a drying rack in a warm and ventilated room.
  • Folding and ironing

    I have chosen a day to do the laundry where I can handle the dry clothes right away. I rather fold and maybe iron each load right away and spread it out over the day, than to have to fold and iron (more because of creases) in one long session. That's why I put my iron board in the kitchen for that day. I can use our big kitchen table to gather all the clean, folded and ironed clothes.
  • Sort clean clothes

    When you have a big table or space like that to gather your clean clothes, you can sort it right away after family member and type of clothing. I have shirts, pants and underwear for each daughter and ourselves in different piles.
  • Put clean clothes away

    When everything is washed, folded and ironed, let everyone put their clean clothes away. I call every member of the family into the kitchen and encourage them to put it in their closets right away.
 My Laundry List Top 25 songs! To make doing the laundry a little bit more fun - Colleke Creations

And to make it even a little bit fun, I listen to music while I do the folding and ironing. You want my Laundry list Top 25 songs?

If you are a CC member you can unlock the Freebies Library and download it from there. Easy peasy!

This is how I organize my laundry day. I feel finished for the week and there are clean clothes in everybody's closet at the start of it.

So in a nutshell:

  1. have laundry baskets in every bedroom and every bathroom
  2. do your laundry on one particular day of the week or weekend
  3. make sure you get ready on that same day with the washing, folding, ironing and clearing away your clothes.

Do you do your laundry on one day of the week or do you wash every day? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know how fellow moms do their laundry.

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P.S. This is a post in a series for 2017 to help you get more organized. So every month I will give you tips and tricks to organize your home, life, money or bag. Let me know if you are looking for some tricks to organize something in specific, OK?