Bag trends for Fall 2017

 Bag Trends Fall 2017. Which of these striking aspects of the Fall collections do you prefer? - Colleke Creations

Bags for Fall this year are teeny-tiny or over-sized.

As moms and busy women, we need a lot to carry with us, right? So the over-sized bag is the way to go.

I'm using my Allison bag for over a year now.

And not to toot my own horn, but the Allison is the most practical bag I ever had. Oh well, that's not so surprising, right? I did design it at first for myself, haha! But really, I couldn't cope with a teeny-tiny bag again.

But on to the trends.

The designer bags where we can get our inspiration from:

  1. have a statement strap, like
    * a braided shawl
    * a colorful garland type one
    * a silver chain, big and bold
    * a fur one
  2. are micro bags (for fun), like
    * envelope sizes or
    * necklace tiny
    * and can go in pairs or tree's
  3. are big and oversized, like
    * backpacks
    * shopping bags
    * big totes
    * and even huge clutches
  4. have a colorful crocodile look in
    * dark reds
    * grayish black
    * and white

Colorwise the runway showed bags in

  • burgundy (dark red)
  • black
  • sky-blue
  • creme-ish brown
  • mustard yellow
  • deep orange

For the Allison bag, I'm going to offer more colors by dyeing my creme canvas. So stay tuned for that.

Tell me, knowing about the trends now, what will be your choice? The teeny-tiny micro bag (in multiples maybe) or the practical slightly oversized Allison bag?

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