An evening routine and how it can help your tomorrow

 Create an evening routine with these 9 pointers to end your day relaxed and to prepare for a better tomorrow - Colleke Creations

Earlier we talked about the benefits of having a morning routine.

It's also helpful to have an evening routine in place. You can unwind, reflect on your day and prepare for the next one. 

Just recently, I created an evening routine for myself.

And although it's not a true habit just yet, I'm really trying to go by this routine every night.

So let's see what we can do to end our day relaxed for a better tomorrow. 

It already begins after dinner. Clean the kitchen and your dinner table right away. When you sit down and you let it be, being a mess, it becomes an obstacle later in the evening, you don't want to tackle. Put everything in the dishwasher and take a break after that. 

Enjoy your evening, watch tv, read a book, do a board game with your kids or work a little if you want to. An hour to half an hour before you want to kill the lights, begin your evening routine. It is commonly known that we need to put away our phones or tablets an hour before bed time. Try it sometimes, it's really relaxing. After that,

  • Journal to reflect your day
    You could just write down how you felt, what you're grateful for or one thing that happened today. It doesn't have to be huge.
  • Make a plan for the next day
    Write down 1 or 2 priorities. Things you need to do or remember. Clear your mind so you don't lay awake, thinking about it.
  • Set the breakfast table
    By doing this in the evening, you're one step ahead in the morning
  • Read something relaxing and pleasant
    Pick up a novel or read a short story that helps you relax. You could have a candle burning or use relaxing essential oils in your diffuser.
  • Take care of your body
    When it's time to go upstairs, brush your teeth, remove your makeup, clean and moisturize, you know the drill.
  • Put your outfit together for tomorrow
    This will save so much time in the morning. At the crack of dawn, you can't think clearly maybe and you spend too much time deciding what to wear.
  • Relax with some exercises, yoga or meditation
    Be aware of your senses and focus on the positive. 
  • Dim the lights and go to sleep early
    At least early enough to get a good night's sleep everything from 6 to 8 hours.
  • Relax
    By feeling and being aware of every body part. "Put them to rest" and work your way from your toes to your head. Sleep tight...

How do you end your day? Do you have an evening routine?

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