Zipper pouches, how kids can use them

Earlier I wrote a blog post on how we as moms and busy women, use zipper pouches. To have everything organized in your bag is just a huge plus, right? But what about our kids?

My daughter has diabetes. She loves to use her zipper pouch to carry her equipment around. Plus she has a little one for the things she needs when checking her blood sugar level. So much more fun and brighter than the black plastic-y case she got from the hospital!

And there are more reasons and situations where a zipper pouch for our kiddos can come in handy.

For the younger ones:

  • to carry toys, like cars or lego, a little puzzle or dollies
  • to bring colored pencils or crayons and a little notebook or coloring book
  • to have as a little bag with some money

For the older kids:

  • as a toiletry bag to take a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush or comb
  • or as a makeup bag for the girls' first makeup and maybe some hygienic products
  • to use as a little purse for some money, their phone and maybe a house key

What would your child use a fun and bright zipper pouch for? Leave me a comment under this post.