How to organize your day

 9 tips for organizing your day better in order to save time but still remain flexible. With a free printable family calendar in 4 different colors - Colleke Creations

You feel scattered, overwhelmed and all over the place.

You know you need structure but how? How can you organize your day, but still be flexible? Not every day is alike. Heck, no day is the same as yesterday or tomorrow. But by being a bit more structured you can get a whole lot done in a day. 

I have my best days when there is structure.

I love going by a schedule knowing what comes next. That's how I don't forget things, although I write a whole lot down too. Some people might find it suffocating or stifling. They feel they have no choice. But I see my schedule and routines as guidance and direction.

If you too want more control over your hours, try the following.

  1. Create a morning routine
    Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, usually we have a certain time when our alarm clocks go off, right? To best get into gear, go by a morning routine. You won't forget things to do or take with you. 
  2. Do a brain dump
    At least once a day, get everything out of your brain. As David Allen said: "Your brain is a thinking tool, not a storage place".
  3. Write things down
    You can think of this regarding your brain dump. But you can also use a bullet journal or write down what you're grateful for, like a gratitude journal or what you want to focus on that day.
  4. One priority for the day
    Set just óne priority for the day. Don't get overwhelmed with everything you need to do, but focus on that one thing. If you have more things on your list, spread it out over several days and plan ahead. Write it down on your calendar. That way it's out of your head and you know you're coming back to it later in the week.
  5. Use a family calendar or whiteboard
    To let every member of the family in on things to do, write everything down in a family calendar or on the whiteboard that hangs somewhere central in your home. (scroll down for a free downloadable family calendar!)
  6. Have an evening routine
    Just like a morning routine, create one for your evenings. Maybe you want to plan your tomorrow or reflect on your day. It's also a way to wind down. End your routine with quiet time, whether it's reading, relaxational exercises or meditation. And encourage your kids to have an evening routine too. Let them have everything ready for school the next day, like clean clothes and their school bag packed with books, homework and gym clothes.
  7. Make a weekly meal plan
    Pick a day where you sit down alone or with the family. With your plans for the coming week in mind, make a meal plan together that fits your weekly plans. This will save time and again it's out of your brain. No more agonizing what's for dinner every evening.  You could even prepare early in the day or take a day where you prepare most of your meals for the week. 
  8. Do the grocery shopping once or twice a week
    With your meal plan right there, make a grocery list and go shopping once or twice a week. To save even more time, write down your groceries using the layout of the supermarket. I made a list in Excel where the aisles of the store are in correct order on my shopping list. 
  9. Be consistent
    Last of all, be consistent. If you create routines for yourself, things and actions start to flow better, giving you more peace and harmony in your day. And saving you precious time.
 Free printable family calendar in 4 different colors - Colleke Creations


Maybe you can use this free family planner

If you are a CC member you can unlock the Freebies Library and download it from there. Easy peasy!

Now tell me: what could you implement to organize your day better?

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P.S. This is a post in a series for 2017 to help you get more organized. So every month I will give you tips and tricks to organize your home, life, money or bag. Let me know if you are looking for some tricks to organize something in specific, OK?