12 Fun Activities for Teenagers

 12 Fun activities for teenagers. Help your teenager spend their time other than on your phone. For them to do on their own or engage with others. 

Do you have teenagers in the house?

And are they "always" on the phone? Not literally calling, because who does that with a phone these days. No teens today talk through Snapchat, Instagram and listen to music via Spotify and Youtube. 

We have 3 teen girls.

And they can't live without their phones. At least the oldest can't. But the other two get bored sometimes and even their phones can't give them the necessary distraction. One of them loves to draw and she is very good at it (don't know whom she got these genes from, certainly not from me, ha!). She can draw and color for hours. But her younger sister is lost sometimes. She hasn't found "her thing" yet.

For all you moms who want to help their teens find some fun activities, I searched the World Wide Web.

  1. Make a bucket list
    My oldest did this with her BFF and you don't wanna know what's on it! They are active with it too and try to do as many things to check off.
  2. Play board games
    Especially my youngest loves to play games. We have this one game we play together (Traveling in Norway), that is always so much fun. You never know who is gonna win.
  3. Bake cookies or a cake
    The internet is full of easy recipes where teens can be in the lead and mom only assists. Or just keeps an eye out that everything goes as planned. 
  4. Doing a puzzle
    This is something my oldest like to do. The bigger the better. She got a puzzle once with 2000 pieces and it was a panorama puzzle. It took her a while but she did it!
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt
    This is fun no matter what age. But for teenagers let them find things in the neighborhood or town they need to photograph. It's fun with 2 or with groups and compete with each other.
  6. Make fall art
    Go outside (during fall) and collect just fallen off leaves (not the crispy ones). Take a thin paper or wax paper and lay it over the leave. Then rub over it with a pencil or crayon. You get the most amazing art this way. Frame the art for their rooms or make a card with it for their friends or maybe for invitations for a fall party.
  7. Make bath bombs
    Teens and especially girls, take up more and more time in the bathroom, right? They love to take care of themselves. Why not let them make bath bombs to use in the tub. Or they can give them as a gift to their friends.
  8. Read a book
    It's sometimes as simple as that. My Dutch-Norwegian girls learn English in school, so they take it as a challenge to read English books at home. If your teen loves to read, challenge her/him to try a different language to read.
  9. Hand lettering
    If your teen likes to do art, maybe hand lettering is a fun activity. It could easily turn into a hobby. Fun for us moms too, right?
  10. Word rocks
    We have a pebble beach nearby and my girls love it out there. They love to collect soft or odd shaped rocks. They can decorate them with paint and inspirational words. Keep them themselves or spread around in the world for others to find.
  11. Watch a movie
    This is sometimes a Sunday thing at our house. The girls watch movie after movie. And if they are in a silly mood, they watch the old toddler movies and roll on the floor with laughter. 
  12. Make a bored jar
    Let them make their own bored jar. Take a jar or something with a lid and let your teens come up with as many things they can do and have fun with. Every time they yell: "I'm bored", you can remind them of their own jar!

Tell me: which activity will be the first one you bring up to your teenager?


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