Do you need a more organized bag?

 3 questions to answer and find out what kind of bag you need to get more organized - Colleke Creations

Your you like it?

Of course you do. You didn't buy it because you didn't like it, right? But often we go for the looks of the bag, the outside. We like the color, the shape, the material.

You use it for a while and you're happy.

You proudly show it to your friends. Some might even secretly be a little jealous, who knows. After a while, you find out little things that could be better. Your bag is great on the outside but to be really honest, not that great on the inside.

Why do I know you feel that way about your bag, deep down in your gut?

I have felt the same way. I'm not a crazy bag lady. I don't have tons of bags. But I have a few bags I bought because they looked great on the outside. I loved the material (rain-resistant, yet fabric-y). I loved the long strap to wear it cross-body, a must in my (bag) book. And I loved it because it wasn't so huge!  

However, after a couple of weeks, I realized that my bag was too small.

Some things, I needed to bring with me in a separate bag. I hated that because now I needed to carry a second bag! You can imagine (and maybe even relate to this), this was a drag, a pain in the butt. I needed a bigger bag. You've been there, right? 

Basically, we need a big enough bag for everything we need to bring.

(By the way, if you want to know thé 10 essentials you need to carry in your bag, just click here and I'll send this handy list to you) What's more important? Really? In fact, it's the same with people. Looks are nice but it's the inside that counts.

To find out what kind of bag you nééd:

  1. lay everything you want to carry around with you out on the table
  2. ask yourself, could I be happy with one big space in my bag? Maybe you like to use zipper pouches to separate your stuff.
  3. or do you like to be even more organized? A bag with more pockets inside could be a great solution for you.

With the answers to these 3 questions, you know what you need, to be comfortable and happy when it comes to an organized bag to your liking. And now to find the bag that suits those needs. I'm sure you'll find one that is awesome on the outside as well.

Do you already have the perfect bag for you?