It's time to relax, 5 things you can do to help you unwind and put your busy day behind you

It's time to relax, 5 things you can do to help you unwind and put your busy day behind you - Colleke Creations

We, women (and men too, no doubt about that), we lead busy lives, right?

We have many shoes to fill and not just literally! We are mother, wife, friend, cheerleader, employee or boss, motivator, role model, and above all multi-tasker. Of course, we need time to relax. Me-time. Time to charge our batteries. 

Just like you, I have a busy life too.

And what I like to do lately is taking time for myself. I feel I need that and just an hour can be enough to really relax, wind down and leave a busy day behind me. It helps me sleep better too. 

Everybody needs their own me-time.

Just take a look at your family. Hubby is coming home from work. The first thing he does is falling onto the couch, maybe reading the newspaper, watching a little tv or as my man does, pick up his book and continue reading where he left off the day before. 

Kids too, they come home from school and the first thing they want to do is play. On the trampoline or a computer game. One of my girls, the first thing she does is go upstairs, play her guitar and singing out loud. (love that sound in the afternoon) 

It's releasing some steam and letting go of being on our toes the whole time. 

We, women, need that too. But we tend to just go on.

After we are done with our job outside the home or at our home office, we step effortlessly and silently into our next role. Usually, one where we take care of someone else. Cooking dinner, helping with homework, listening to others how their days have been, right?

It helps a lot when you know there will be a moment in the day just for you.

Here are 5 things you can do for yourself in those precious moments:

  1. Go to the gym
    Release all the tension and get a good work-out.
  2. Adult coloring
    You don't have to think when you color. Just let your thoughts wander and create something beautiful
  3. Take a long walk
    This is what I do. After dinner me and my friend or my daughter, we take a walk. Just around town. Let the wind clear your head. Really it's energetic, like a work-out
  4. Try out a new recipe
    Look at Pinterest and find something appealing and tasteful. I bet your family would love you for it. But do it for you!
  5. Knitting
    If you are an experienced knitter you could do this while watching tv. But trying out a new thing can also be fun and get your mind off other stuff.

All you need to do is, making time for you. It's not always that important what you do, as long as you do it for you.

How do you unwind after a busy day?