Zipper pouches are the answer

Women tend to have a lot in their handbags. You know that and I know that. But do we always need all that stuff?

Sometimes yes. It depends, on what you have in your handbag, right? A half-eaten muesli bar? Hmm...maybe not. But some car toys could come in handy. Or band aids and a little hairbrush. 

I don't have that many odd things in my Allison bag anymore. But I do like everything to be organized and visible at a glance. I want to grab what I need from my bag in one single action. I hate having to mess around in my bag to finally find my wallet or that pack of gum. Urgh....

There are things though like tampons or panty liners I don't like having loose in my bag. So I have those kinda things in a zipper pouch. 

You can also carry your concealer, lipstick, or mascara in a little zipper pouch. And what about your business cards? Little zipper pouches are ideal for that.

To sum it up, zipper pouches are great for:

  • feminine hygiene products
  • make up
  • business cards
  • credit and debit cards
  • extra cash
  • gift cards you have still to use
  • store loyalty cards and membership cards
  • medicines and band aids
  • small toys
  • hair accessories
  • ear buds
  • your phone
  • some snacks

Tell me: what would you like to carry in a zipper pouch? Making your bag even more organized?