How to organize kids' clothes and include them in the process

Just a heads up. This is not a post about how to fold your kids' clothes or where you can store them in. It's about how you can involve your kids in taking care of their clothes. So let's dive in and see how we can organize that!

How to organize kids' clothes and include them in the process - Colleke Creations

When it comes to raising kids I'm a big believer in teaching and showing them how to become independent human beings.

For instance, our girls are on their own for a short period of time when they come home from school. (By the way, they are 10, 12 and 13 years old) And although I work from home they know not to distract me and see it like this, mom is at work just as dad is. Which is more obvious for them maybe because he is 15 miles away.

Independence is also important when they have to take care of their clothes.

They themselves decide when a garment goes in the laundry. Every daughter has her own hamper in her room. When it's laundry day I ask them to bring me their hampers and I start sorting and washing. Of course, you can even go further when it comes to independence. I read a blog post once where every child in that family had to do their own laundry. Washing, folding, putting it away again. That's a bit over the top for us. It's also more efficient and better for the environment to put all the whites together and wash in one big load instead of 4 little ones.  But, every household is different and has its own ways of doing things. No judgment from me there. 

So I do the washing, folding, and ironing part. 

Sometimes when I'm really busy my mom helps with the ironing. (Thanks, mom!) And when there are 3 piles of clothes from the girls, clean and folded, they come and get it. I always tell them to put them in their closets right away. When I don't tell them that, piles of clothes end up on the stairs (I will take that with me tonight mom!), on their beds or on their desks in their rooms (I will put it away before I go to sleep mom!). The piles fall over and clothes fall on the floor, unfolded again, and a few days later they don't remember whether that shirt was clean or dirty. It has happened that clean clothes end up in the hamper again because of this. So putting everything straight away is our policy. Sometimes when one of them is downstairs in two seconds I ask her, did you put your clothes in your closet? I always know when she hasn't. That look on her face, right? Moms just know!

When the seasons change you rotate your clothes, right?

Summer comes and you put your winter outfit in boxes. I would recommend plastic see-through ones. Those are dust-free and you can see in one glance what's inside. You can do that with your kids' clothes too. But I would go even further. You can do this two different ways. At the end of a season, instead of just taking their clothes in piles out of their closets and put them in the boxes, I would look at every single shirt, sweater or jeans. Then ask yourself, did they wear it? No?...then it doesn't end up in the box. You can save it for a sibling in her or his box or donate it to charity. 

Or you can do this at the beginning of the season. Go through all the clothes one by one. See if it still fits, whether they (still) like it and are likely to wear it. No?...don't hang it or lay it in their closets. Again, see if it fits a sibling or donate it. 
And actually, you can do that with your own clothing too. 

You always stay on top of their clothes this way.

You can decide if they need an extra jeans or shirt for the coming season. My girls like to go through their clothes once in a while themselves too. We have a big bag with donation clothing in the storage room. Now and then when the bag is full we take it way. Good deed done!

Do you want to reduce on the clothing in your home? Make a capsule wardrobe for yourself and your kids. Click the blue button for a take on that and how to get started together with your kids. 

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Tell me: how do you organize your kids' clothes? And are they involved in the process?


P.S. This is a post in a series for 2017 to help you get more organized. So every month I will give you tips and tricks to organize your home, life, money or bag. Let me know if you are looking for some tricks to organize something in specific, OK?