Making Easter decorations, 12 Pinterest toppers for kids, adults and your taste buds

12 Easter decorations -

It's almost Easter. Your house may be filled with daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. And they smell só good, don't they? But Easter also means the Easter bunny and decorating eggs. 

Do you like to decorate your home with Easter themed thingies? Bring a little bit of Spring in the house? To be honest, we haven't had that in our home the last few years. I don't know why. Well the kids made some bunnies and painted eggs at school, so those brought a bit of Easter indoors.

But as I think of it, in the Netherlands where we lived a couple of years ago, we had an Easter tree. It was so cozy with little eggs and ribbons. But I think with the move to another country, it all was lost somehow.

We need some decorations this year. Luckily I found on Pinterest a bunch of fun decorations you can make yourself, with your kids or grand-kids and for your breakfast or dinner table.  Now let's get creative, shall we?

With kids

1. Make a scrap fabric Easter wreath

A wreath is always inviting on your front door, don't you think? And especially one in fresh Spring colors. Make this easy one from Kellly's blog. Add some plastic eggs for Easter and take them off again to have a great Spring wreath after Easter. I bet your kids or grandkids love to tear the strips for the wreath! Here's the pin to save for later

Fabric Easter wreath


2. Shaving cream Easter eggs. 

Use shaving cream and food coloring to get this awesome effect. Read about it on Michelle's blog or save her pin on your Easter crafts board.

Easter eggs dyed with shaving cream and food coloring

3. Craft a flower pot

Making a little flower pot your kids or grandkids can have in their room, for example, is always fun to do. And easy enough when you follow this tutorial found on the website of All You. Here is the pin you want to save on your own board. 

Flower pot craft

4. Make a pom pom bunny

How cute are these pom pom bunnies from UsefullDIY? Let them hop around your home and in the garden even. This is just a visual tutorial-pin, but it is rather easy to follow. If you want a good explanation on how to create perfect pom poms click here for a great pin or even this one with two empty toilet paper rolls!

Pom pom Easter bunny

5. Wreath with paper crafted daffodils

Yes, another wreath. Because I thought this one was great too. And now you get to pick your favorite! With this wreath, you can include the whole family in the making part. MJ explains how on her blog here. She made this one with the help of her 3 kids. Isn't it a beauty? Don't forget to pin it!

Wreath with paper crafted daffodils

And if you want to make some stylish decorations yourself, give these a try.

For Adults

1. Easter egg garland

Jen has a simple but stylish Easter egg garland on her blog. It just takes some paint, plastic eggs, twine and a stencil. So fun and so beautiful for your mantel. Make sure you pin this one too. 

Easter egg garland

2. Eggshell Easter candle piece

This is a very delicate task. Because you will use real eggshells as a tealight holder. Angie will help you through the process with this tutorial. It will make a stunning centerpiece on your Easter coffee table. Make sure to pin this one

Eggshell Easter candlepiece

3. Decorative robin eggs

Make blue eggs with red cabbage. Yes, that's correct. You need a red cabbage to make these beautiful colored blue robin eggs. Leave it to Erica to guide you through the process of dying your eggs which you even can eat at the breakfast table.  And save the pin too.

Robin eggs for Easter deco

Easter is like every holiday a time to eat together some good delicious food, right? I found these fun food ideas on Pinterest too. Take a look and choose one or all of them!

Food and displays

1. Cinnamon Sugar Bunny Tail Buns

How cute are these bunny buns? And I bet they are tasty too. Tablespoon has the recipe. Awesome for the breakfast table. Here you have the pin for your Pinterest board.

Cinnamon-Sugar Breakfast Bunnies

2. Easter bunny bread bowl

Now, what about that! Hide your soup bowls or dip bowl in a bunny. Amy tells you how and she has even a little video on how to do this on her blog. Don't forget to pin!

Easter Bunny Bread Bowl

3. Bunny Napkins

You need napkins at for breakfast, lunch or dinner, right? Make them fun by folding them into little bunnies. Nicole has this tutorial on her blog. It's not difficult and you can have different colors and sizes (depending on the napkin you begin with). Here's the pin for your Easter board. 

Bunny Napkins

4. Happy Bunny Cupcakes

In the mood for some cupcakes for Easter? Try these lovely ones. In only 4 steps you have cute bunnies to serve. You can find the recipe on Pillsbury's website and find their pin to save right here. I even found a pin for the ears

Happy bunny cupcakes

Now get to work and do share in the comments your favorite decoration, OK?

Happy Easter!