Do you miss your diaper bag? Here's the solution

 The solution to missing your diaper bag after your baby has become a big kid. Here's your next bag with all the goodies of your old diaper bag - Colleke Creations

Do you remember the time you were pregnant?

Shopping for all kinds of things for the baby? Those cute little clothes, a little crib, matching closet, a change table, and bedding? Diapers, an infant tub, and toys?

And do you remember your favorite diaper bag?

I loved mine. It was bright red and could easily hang on the stroller. It had good visibility because of the multiple pockets and sections. And the best part? It was big enough to take everything I needed with me. For my baby girl and for me personally. I didn't need another purse or handbag.

My diaper bag had a section for changing, where diapers, disposable wipes, and the changing pad were stored. It had a section for feeding, storing bottles, milk powder containers, and burp cloths. We could bring some toys and extra clothes. And still, there was room for my wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses. 

Although it wasn't a huge diaper bag, it could hold all of these things and still had great visibility on where everything could be found. Of course, that's important in a bag like that, right? You should be able to reach in your bag almost without looking because you don't want to loose track of your baby or toddler crawling around.

But do we have that level of organization and visibility in our handbag?

No. It's like the bags, after the diaper bag, aren't important on that level anymore. Often it's one big sack where everything gets dumped in, never to be found again! OK, maybe there is one zipper pocket which is always too small for what you want to carry in it, right?

I really had to get used to my small bag again.

I didn't have a big handbag before I became a mom. I didn't need it. But after the girls were out of diapers and potty trained (and that was with all 3 of them before they turned 2yo), it was silly to carry around the diaper bag. Although you still want to and need to drag along a whole lot of kids' stuff, like snacks, a clean t-shirt and trousers, and a toy or 2. 

A bigger bag was bought, but I couldn't find one with good visibility and pockets to have a place for every item. I often felt stressed out because I had to search for that one toy car in a bag which seemed to be a bottomless pit.

This is now almost 10 years ago but I still remember it well. And I don't want moms to go through the same discomfort today.

That's where the Allison bag comes in handy.

I developed this bag with ease in mind. It must be easy to find what you're looking for. You still need to keep an eye on your kiddo. And when you're out on the town shopping with your girlfriends, you don't want to get distracted and interrupted from your chatting away with them, because you can't quickly find your wallet or sunglasses, right?

Surely you want to check out everything about the Allison bag.

All its features and how it can help you. Go on, click on this link, I understand. Have fun with finding out everything about it. See how it can compare to that awesome diaper bag from long ago.

And I'll be waiting here if you decide you want one too.