Christmas and the art of giving gifts with teenagers

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It's almost Christmas again

and after our youngest has had her birthday on November 30, the house starts to buzz with Christmas vibes each year.

The Christmas tree is coming out of the attic and so do all those boxes with ornaments.

Yes, we have a fake tree. After we had to throw a real tree out a couple of years ago, I bought a fake one. The real one had teeny tiny spiders in it. Millions, all over the tree. It was horrible, to say the least! I felt them crawling all over me, days later!

Our girls love to decorate the tree and the whole house for that matter.

I love those little touches and surprises with the Christmas spirit throughout the house. Like this little gnome in the doorway to the kitchen.

 Our little gnome in the kitchen doorway

Our little gnome in the kitchen doorway

Christmas means family time for us. We love to give each other gifts.

Now in the years before, the girls made their Christmas lists, and we, mom and dad, did the shopping. It was a lot of fun seeing the girls going through all of those magazines from the toy stores and discussing with each other, whether this or that would make a good Christmas gift.

This year we are going in a different direction.

We have a set budget for each family member to buy presents for. But this year each family member gets their budget. With that budget, they need to buy gifts for all the other family members...

To make it fair, we came up with the following system for the 6 of us.

We all make 5 small lists with small, cheaper gifts for x amount per list. And we make 1 big list with gifts for x x x amount. Then we all choose a big list and 5 smaller lists from the other family members. For example, I have 5 smaller lists from the other family members and 1 big list from one of my daughters. That way everyone gets one slightly more expensive gift and at least 5 smaller gifts. You get it?

Everyone is more involved in buying gifts for the others.

I love the suspense between everyone and also the surprise element for myself. Plus the giggling of the girls!  In the past, they always made something themselves for mom, dad and their siblings and giggling about it. So now I expect the giggling only to grow...

Tell me: how does your family organize the gifts buying process? 

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