Don't make this mistake with your handbag!

 Never make this one mistake with your handbag! - Colleke Creations

Basically, it's just using common sense.

But somehow we all do it at one time or the other and we don't even think about it!

To be honest, I never made that mistake again.

Especially not now, now my Allison bag has this light color. But of course, I did it too, before I had my Allison bag. My bag was darker and I didn't give it a second thought.

And that is:

putting your bag on the floor!


Why do we do that? If you think about it, every floor is filthy and dirty. In restaurants, the library, stores and your car. And yes, even the floors in your own home aren’t always spick and span either, right? Kids storm in and our pets leave their hairs.

I once read about this Chinese saying:

“ a purse on the floor is money out the door” meaning you need to treat your purse and what's inside it, like your money and credit cards, with respect.

But where to put your bag?

pursehook from Pinterest - Colleke Creations.jpg

You don't want to keep it on your shoulder or lap all the time. When I'm sitting down somewhere public, I hang my bag on the back of the chair. Or when it's very busy, I  use the extra chair where no one is sitting. You can also use a special item called a purse hook. It's this little thingy that you can hang from any flat surface and you can put your bag on the hook keeping it off the floor.



Either way, think about where you leave your bag next time when you're out and about, ok?

She is carrying all your precious belongings, right? So show her some love!

Now tell me: how do you treat your bag?

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