How to organize, what items to use

 You want to start decluttering your home, so here you find 6 items to help you organize - Colleke Creations

You really want to do it, starting with decluttering and organizing your home.

And of course, you have read about it too. How to organize your bedroom, kids' toys and even your car.

Our kitchen is pretty organized right now.

Of course, that has everything to do with the fact that we renovated our kitchen. Everything and all had to come out of the cabinets and drawers. And in the end, when we had a beautiful brand new kitchen, I really didn't want to clutter it up again. 

So that could be a great starting point.

Or maybe rearrange the purpose of a room, you see that happening with a newborn on the way, right? Or when your kids fly the nest. And when your kids want a more grown-up room. All perfect opportunities to start decluttering and organizing.

Pinterest is full of organizing hacks and how you can declutter your home. I want to give you the tools you need to put your best intentions into practice.

Because WHAT do you actually need to get an organized and tidied up home?

  1. wire baskets: for the container lids, CDs, mail, or toilet rolls. There are also wire baskets you can slide under a shelf in your cabinet or closet for some extra space. We use a system to keep our shawls and mittens together. Everyone has their own drawer.
  2. shoe organizer: of course for shoes, but also for small toys, bathroom supplies or your cleaning items. What about socks or those little packets of dried foods and sauces. I use two for my vinyl.
  3. pegboard: usually you find these in the garage for tools. I saw once sliding doors which were pegboards. Genius, right? You can also use a pegboard for craft supplies, office supplies, int the kitchen for your pots and pans. Or as a little wall for spices and herbs.
  4. baskets and bins: usable for everything from clothes to wood and from craft supplies to CDs or books. They come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. With a lid or without. Made from natural materials like wood and rob. 
  5. plastic containers: great for toys, out of season clothes and your filing system. The lid keeps everything dust-free.
  6. jars: use these for food, pens and pencils, in the bathroom for makeup brushes or Q-tips, cotton balls and pads. Or for storing your cupcake liners.

Of course, there are a ton more items you could use to organize and tidy your home. It's just a matter of starting and writing down what you need. Then going to the store and buying exactly what you could use for your home.

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To help you on your way, I created a secret Pinterest board with all sort of examples from other bloggers to organize your home and what items they used. 

If you are a CC member you can unlock the Freebies Library and download it from there. Easy peasy!

And when you want to organize your bag, you know I can help you there, right? With the Allison bag, if you need a bag with more multiple pockets. Or with zipper pouches in 3 different sizes. 

Tell me: How do you organize your things? Do you love certain tools or items to keep everything organized?

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P.S. This is a post in a series for 2017 to help you get more organized. So every month I will give you tips and tricks to organize your home, life, money or bag. Let me know if you are looking for some tricks to organize something in specific, OK?