8 Different bags and how to enjoy them

 8 Different bags and how to enjoy them - Colleke Creations

I bet you have a few bags in your closet.

Or you have a bag you're using at the moment that you're not very happy with. Why is that? It has to do with the kind of bag and its purpose.

Having a couple of bags myself,

I know what it's like to use different bags for different occasions. I have had backpacks, shoulder bags and little cross body bags ( my favorite until a year ago).

But it's important to use the right bag at the right moment.

To give an extreme example, you're not taking a messenger bag with you on a gala night, right?

So let's explore 8 different bags and how to use and enjoy them at the right time.


1. Backpack: if you want to carry your things with an even load, you use a backpack. Especially with a heavy bag, taking it on your back could make it easier to carry around. Think work or school related items, like books or your laptop.

2. Clutch: a little bag for your evenings out. This rectangle bag has no handles so you have to hold on to it all the time. Usually, you only have your phone, a little wallet and your lipstick to carry in it.

3. Shopper or Tote bag: you use this bag whenever you need to carry around a lot of stuff. Most often it has one big space and maybe a little zipper pouch for your smaller belongings. They are ideal for (grocery) shopping.

4. Satchel: this slightly bigger handbag is boxy, has two short handles and sometimes a flap which closes with some hardware. It reminds of the school bags for carrying books.

5. Wristlet: this clutch type bag with a strap is ideal if you are running a couple of errands. You can take all your essentials like your phone, keys,  cash and credit cards. Of course, you can also use it as a clutch without having to hold it all the time.

6. Shoulder bag: this is the most common bag for us ladies to carry around. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Often with shorter straps too. The shoulder strap is just long enough to carry over your shoulder and hang down to your hip. You can use these bags for all kinds of things and in all kinds of situations.

7. Duffel bag: these large bags can be used when you travel ( instead of a suitcase) or for sports items when you visit your gym. We all have duffel bags when we travel because they are so flexible when you load the car.

8. Messenger bag: this bag has a longer strap that makes it possible to carry it crossbody. It's also a bag usually with great storage and lots of different pockets. So if you want to carry your belongings with you in an organized way, you need a messenger bag.

Currently, I use my Allison bag which is a messenger style bag. We have duffel bags for travel and I do the groceries using shoppers.

Now tell me: what types of bags do you use on a regular basis? 

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