How music can do the job for you, almost

 How music can contribute in concentrating on the job - Colleke Creations

What kind of music do you like?

Is that the music you would love to work at? Think about it, if you need to concentrate you might need other music then when you are vacuuming.

When I need to concentrate and think, I don't want any distractions.

That includes music. In my school and college years, I studied best with total silence. And I still have to have silence in the house to do courses or write blog posts.

But when I'm behind the sewing machine making Allison bags and zipper pouches, I need some uplifting and cozy music. I do have my favorite channel, giving me the songs I can sing with during my sewing.

Of course, everyone is different.

My teens work best on their school tasks with music in their ears coming from their phones. Luckily they all use earbuds. I think I would go totally Insane having to listen to their “uplifting” music.

Maybe you need music too, to get the job done.

On YouTube, you can find some great work music. You can still concentrate with it. I tried it after researching and while writing this blog post. Usually, I don't like music, I really need the silence, but with this, it was just like talking with you in a cozy little cafe or something, with this music in the background.

When ironing, I need totally different music.  

Music where I can sing along and dance to ( if I'm alone in the house or when everyone uses their own earbuds or headphones to listen to their own music). And I love love love to listen to music when dusting, cleaning and vacuuming. Then I need total distraction, haha. It’s almost like I'm in a different world. Housework goes so much faster when you listen to music, right? Being totally in the zone.

Tell me: what kind of music do you work best at? Or do you need the silence?

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