Have your bag ready to go

 When you need to rush out the door, you grab your bag. But are you confident you have everything you need? - Colleke Creations

There are times you just have to run out the door.

To go to your kid at school. Or because you're running late for that meeting.

Of course, a good routine could prevent you, having to rush your kids and yourself through the mornings.

But sometimes it's just what it is, right? We've all been there. We've all forgot to set the alarm after a weekend. It doesn't always go smoothly.

Last time I literally grabbed my bag and rushed out the door, was when the school called.

Our daughter has type 1 diabetes and she wasn't feeling well. Her blood sugar level was way too low. She needed me there and then to take action. 

In situations like that, it's important you have everything with you in your bag.

To be reassured that whatever life throws at you or in whatever situation you get into, you have in your bag what you need. 

For me, that's snacks for my girl to get her out of her hypo. And my essential oil StressAway, to help me on the road. I'm not an overly confident driver on the big roads and highways.

My bag is also always waiting for me in the same place.

It has its own place in the kitchen.  I don't want to search for it throughout the house. So just like my keys, I have my bag hanging in the kitchen for grabs. Unlike my glasses. I always seem to misplace those!!

So, what is typical for you to carry around in your bag? And do you have your bag ready to go at all times? Tell me in the comments. 

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