The story of the Allison bag

 The story of how the Allison bag came into the world. Do you want to be more organized in your bag? - Colleke Creations

Do you love reading stories?

Or listen to them? I do. Sometimes when I'm with my friend, I love to listen to her telling stories from the past or how something came about. It's making some things understandable, right? And I get to know her a little bit better, where she is "coming from".

Now I want to tell you the story of the Allison bag.

Why I created the Allison bag, what was the underlying thought. But also how it made me feel and what I want you to feel or experience, using your Allison bag.

During a summer vacation a couple of years ago in 2015,

I found myself carrying more and more stuff around. My girls had their first phones, mostly to take pictures with, and of course, all had a wallet with their own holiday allowance to buy some souvenirs. But none of them had their own bag!

So at best, I had 4 phones, 4 wallets, some snacks and of course my usual belongings in my bag.

It was a bag with one big compartment, oh and yes, one small zipper pocket, which couldn't even hold the necessary feminine products, I love to keep out of sight. I hated to have to dig to the bottom of my overstuffed bag to find the phone of daughter nr. 1 or wallet of daughter nr. 3. Let alone find my own stuff. Aargh...!

When we got home again, I started looking for another bag.

Whenever we were in the shopping center or big city. I just couldn't find "my bag". Finally, in April of 2016, I designed my own bag. It was the prototype of the current Allison bag. Using it during our summer vacation in 2016, it already was an improvement to all my former bags.

 This was the first Allison bag from April 2016 - Colleke Creations

But I wanted to add more, more practical and different pockets to the inside. 

The 2 small handles were great, but I wanted to carry my Allison bag cross body too. So the 2 longer handles were replaced with one adjustable strap. I added a zippered divider pocket, big enough for a tablet or notebook. The pockets became more practical. I replaced the thinner linen fabric by sturdy cotton canvas for the outside. And the (as they told me) old-fashioned crocheted flower was changed into a more modern sewn-on inspirational word.

Being so happy with my bag, I wanted to share that with other moms and women.

That's how Colleke Creations was born. In June of 2016, I started the business. I upgraded my original prototype and finally opened the shop on January 1, 2017, with different lining fabrics and a choice between 3 words for the outside.

It feels so great to have control of the inside of your bag. 

Everything has its place and with one glance I can spot something and grab it. You're on top of things and it gives your confidence a real boost, that's for sure! Yes, I love my Allison bag!

Now tell me: Are you satisfied with the bag you carry around? If yes, tell me about your bag. If no, why not? What's wrong with it?

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