7 Quick and easy healthy meals for you and your family

 7 Quick and easy healthy meals for you and your family - Colleke Creations

We all could use a little help when it comes to meal planning, right?

Planning our meals is a great way in being organized for the week. You don't want to come up with a delicious and healthy meal 30 minutes before dinner time. And then realizing you don't have all the ingredients. Aargg...!

On Friday evening, my family and I plan out what will be for dinner the coming week. 

We make a list and everyone can pitch in if they want. Having it on paper (or your whiteboard) gives you ease of mind. The girls can check themselves what's for dinner and you can shop for all ingredients ahead of time. 

To help you out, I searched Pinterest for the yummy-est looking meals to put on your meal plan.

They are quick and easy because that's what we like as busy moms and women, right?

1. Chicken and broccoli stir fry from Sara


7. Delicious Italian-seasoned veggies and sausage from Chelsea


And I want to throw in a delicious bonus:

8. The winter fruit salade from Sara


Don't these look delicious? Just looking at these makes my mouth water! I haven't tried all these recipes, only the first one. But I'm sure going to put these on our meal plan in the next couple of weeks. For more great recipes flip through my Cookbook on Pinterest.

Tell me: Do you have a favorite recipe you cook time and time again? And which one from there 8 are you going to try out?

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