Setting goals and choosing a word for the new year

Setting goals and choosing a word to live by -

Do you set goals for the new year? For work or family life? Why? Why do we or do we have to set goals? Or is it just something for businesses, big and small? Is there any point in setting goals on a personal level or for your family?

And what about choosing a word?

When I asked my husband just the other day if he has a word for 2017, he stared at me and had a confused look in his eyes. If he had what? A word? Why did he need a word? And what to do with it? I explained that you could choose a word to concentrate on for the year to come. It could be your theme for the year, something to live by. Through your word, you can grow as a person. Well, I think he thought I was silly. No, he didn't need a word and his goals were to just go on like he did now.

But I heard and read a bit about it. I want to give it a try. So my word for 2017 is Focus, for my business, but also for my personal life. As I said it can guide you through the year, through good and bad times. A word will give you clarity. Ask the right questions with your word in mind and you will learn things about yourself.

Alongside your word you can set yourself and/or your family one or two goals. Have a family meeting and let every member come up with a goal for the quarter of half year. It could be as simple as taking a vacation together. Maybe you have to save money for that. Brainstorm together how you are going to do that. Break up the steps and let every member pitch in. For mom and dad, they can save money for example by putting every month an amount on a savings account. And the kids can do chores for the elderly or collect bottles and cans for pockets money, walk the neighborhood dogs and wash cars.

It's also important to review where you stand with your goals. So it needs to be something measurable. Schedule time with your family and see how you are doing. Maybe you have to make some changes. Remember, it's important to have everyone involved in this. If every family member is engaged, it will bond your family and you can celebrate together when the goal is achieved.

Now go on and think about your word for 2017. And set yourself (and your family) some goals. I would love to know what you come up with.