The meaning of colors

Colors - what does color mean to you- -

I believe the key to a happy day is color. Colors can make you feel something. We need color in our lives, right?

It starts with your clothes. What are you going to wear today? The colors you choose may depend on your mood. Some colors complement each other, while others crash.

Look at nature, it’s full of color. Animals communicate through color. The best example of such communication has to be the chameleon. It not only changes color because of camouflage. It’s more about reflection of moods. It uses its color in social life.

A bouquet of flowers brightens up your living room. A blanket or throw warms your couch. It makes you feel comfy and at home.

We all know that every color has a meaning:

  • Red stands for energy, power, danger, desire and love
  • Yellow is the color of sunshine, joy, happiness and intellect
  • Orange combines the two and gives us energy and happiness
  • Green represents nature, growth, freshness and safety
  • Blue means stability, trust, wisdom and faith
  • Purple, a combo of red and blue, which gives us stability and energy, luxury and ambition
  • White is the color of perfection, innocence and purity
  • Black stands for power, elegancy, death and mystery

Did you know we all have a personal color palette? You are either a warm or a cool type. It all depends on your skin-, eye- and (true) hair-color. And if you know whether you’re a cool or warm type, you then want to know whether you are a light or dark type. Combine the two together and you find out if you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter type.

If you are a CC member you can unlock the Freebies Library and download it from there. Easy peasy!

When the company I worked for in the ’90, switched from wearing your own clothes to wearing business outfit, we had a fun workshop finding out what type we were. Afterwards we all got a little swatch book with the colors for our type. I don’t have the swatch book anymore, but knowing I’m a Winter type, I know what colors look good on me.

It's best to wear the color from your color type close to your skin and face and you can always jazz it up with a bright bag, a colorful belt or vibrant shoes, so you can enjoy color and have a happy day.

What’s your favorite color?