How to organize your kids’ toys – 7 solutions for a tidier home

How to organize your kids' toys - 7 solutions for a tidier home -

In one of the mom Facebook groups I’m with, we talked about the clutter we face on a daily basis in our homes. Spouses, who don’t see the clutter or worse, contribute to it. And kids, that need every last toy to come out in their game. You’ve been there, right?

We’ve all been there.

It doesn’t matter how old our kids are. I have a teenager and two tweens (and a BIG baby, haha) and they all need reminders every time to tidy up when they are finished “playing” (although big girls don’t “play” anymore). If you have younger kids, you can’t expect them to put away their toys all by themselves. You have to orientate, motivate and stimulate and that’s a drag sometimes, right? You wish you had at least the daddy on your team. But sometimes he’s worse than your kiddos!

Let’s look at 7 solutions to start getting a tidier home, shall we?

1. Make a bench with baskets underneath.
2. Let them “park” their bicycles and scooters themselves in a special “parking lot” you make in your garage.
3. Want a little bit of overview regarding toy cars? Park them on a magnetic knife rack.
4. Make a toy out of a storage bin.
5. Make tidying up a sport by hanging baskets on the wall in which kids can throw their toys in (like playing basketball). Or make a pyramid out of buckets.
6. Store the Legos in clear view storage drawers. Easy to sort by color for your kids and fun to look at.
7. Use metal planters and attach them on the outside of the sandbox.

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To a tidier home!!