How to organize....your paperwork

How to organize your paperwork -

Do you like to organize or at least BE organized in your life, your home and with your money? I know I do. And it’s not always that easy or fun, but especially when it comes to your finances it’s a necessity, don’t you think?

A couple of years ago,.....


I had a Big Pile of paperwork, which I needed to file. I kept putting it off. I didn’t want to do it, it was no fun and I really dreaded it. But then there were the times I needed some papers from that pile. I dreaded that, even more, to have to look (again!) through all the different papers. There was no logic at all in that pile. I was so fed up! It needed to change. Right now!

So, one rainy Sunday, I cleared my kitchen table and with the Big Pile in front of me, I took a deep breath and just started. I made lots of little piles of papers from it that belonged together. Looked through each and every one, deciding what to keep and what to throw away. 

Taking a 10-minute break to drink a cup of tea with my hubby once in a while, kept me going. It took me the whole Sunday, but in the evening I finished the Big Pile. But now I had a whole lot of little piles! Needing a good filing system, I bought a couple of bright colored binders and dividers. Every subject got its own colored binder and I started to punching holes in every document and putting it in its new binder. At the end of the second Sunday, I had every piece of paper in their right binder. I was so pleased and proud of myself. The Big Pile was gone!

Nowadays I have just 1 desktop organizer with 2 clear document folders. One says “Bills” and the other “File”. When a bill arrives in the mail, I check the payment deadline. If it’s not due to be paid before my bookkeeping day, it’s going in the “Bills”-folder. If it’s something else, it will end up in the “File”-folder.

Money comes in once a month on the 15th  in our household. On that day I sit down and take the 2 folders. I pay the bills we received in the mail and the electronic ones using online banking. I print the bank account statements and file everything right away. At the end of just a couple of hours, my document folders and desktop organizer are empty! It’s such a great feeling. Bills are never paid to late and every piece of paper is traceable right away. And look at my binders, aren't they just fun and colorful?!

Do you have a good system for filing and administrating your finances? Or do you have a Big Pile of paperwork of your own?


All you have to do is start! Really just start. Make yourself comfy, why not in your PJ’s? Put on some music. And set an alarm clock. File for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break. Work your way through your papers. Really it is so satisfying!

Good luck and let me know how you are doing, ok?

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