Is your home ready for Christmas? 5 fun DIY-tips to make it even cozier…(with a bonus for New Year's Eve!)

Is your home ready for Christmas - 5 fun DIY tips to make it even cozier -

When you get into that Holiday Christmas mood, you get all excited to decorate your home, right? You take out your ornaments, decorations, and candles and make a cozy living room even warmer and more inviting. Everything is out and you look around. Then you get that feeling…something is missing, but you don’t know what exactly.

Well maybe I can help you with some great ideas I found on the World Wide Web. 

1. Why not make your own oil candle lamp? They look beautiful and smell delicious if you put some herbs, essential oils or even cranberries, oranges and coffee beans into the jar. Ms. Patti is showing us how…

2. We have a woodstove in our living room with an old kettle on top. It has plain water in it, but I may replace it with an enamel pot. Tieghan has a great recipe to get that smell of Christmas into your home.

3. Your kids, grandkids and even the neighborhood boys and girls probably love these reindeer noses mason jars from Mandy. Of course, you can make just one for your own home and snitch a “nose” once in a while. But why not make a few more to give as a gift to your neighbors? 

4. Surely your home is cozy inside, but what about the outside? Welcome friends and family in already at a beautifully decorated door. Heidi explains how to make a colorful wreath for your front door. And even your kids or grandkids can help. 

5. If you have glass or metallic Christmas balls in your tree, they seem to diminish in number somehow over the years. Make your own metallic paper balls, that don’t break. Lia has a great tutorial for us.

I’m sure your home will be comfy, warm and inviting for Christmas. Have fun with these tutorials and let me know what you did for your home, ok?


P.S. As a bonus I have 5 ways to celebrate New Year's Eve like no other. Don't just sit and wait for the clock to strike midnight, but have some fun with family and friends!!