Reliability is key

Reliability is Key -

You know what the greatest feeling in the world is when you work outside your home? That moment, when you walk through the door and you hear: MOMMY!!! Your kids running to you with their arms open wide and giving you the biggest hug ever!

When you come home, you want to give your family as much attentions as you possibly can, right? Good organization can give you that. It's frustrating when you can't find your things. And you don't want to start yelling and getting all crabby (like Disney's Grumpy) because you can't find your stuff.

Think about this, it's Sunday and you're taking your family on a trip to an amusement park. You want to know that you have everything with you in your bag, right? Besides the usual things in your bag, you want for example bring snacks, facial tissues and your tickets of course. So a good handbag is necessary here. You don't want to worry on a cozy family outing. The Allison-bag is great for this. Because I want you to have fun with your kids and hubby.

I'm tweaking the first prototype like improving an attraction at the amusement park, to make it absolutely perfect for you. You want to rely on the Allison-bag like you trust the Ferris wheel. And you can, pinky swear!  It's coming to the shop soon. Join the CC Circle to stay up to date.