How to organize with color coding

How to organize with color coding, 7 examples where you can apply color coding in your life -

You like organizing, right? Or at least have it organized.  And you know what makes it fun: COLOR!! So let's organize using color coding. What can you organize with color coding? A lot, but here are 7 examples that are excellent. Give them a try!

1. The family calendar

Give every member of your family a color. Is there an activity or task for someone? Write it down in his or her own color, you don’t have to write down the name with the task anymore, the color says it all. (well, ok, if you want to, maybe the first initial?)

2. Your own planner

Whether you have a paper planner or an app on your phone (or maybe both like me, haha, what do you say? Control freak?!), you get the best overview of your tasks when you give each category its own color. In my phone calendar, I have green for personal appointments, light blue for errands, red for job tasks, orange for holiday and birthdays, purple for urgent tasks and so on.
To organize my email inbox each label has its own color too, newsletters are yellow, Pinterest is purple, web shop orders are light blue and forum updates are dark blue for instance. Color coding like this helps also when you are looking for some specific email.

3. Your closet

Why not color code your clothes or the clothes of your kids? Just begin with the tops and lay or hang everything together by color. So white tops with white tops and red tops with red tops. It looks great and getting dressed becomes a lot easier and more fun. You can follow the color wheel if you like.

4. Books

This is mainly for decorative reasons. Or do you really know what color the different book covers have? Well, it does look great and it gives a sort of peace and tranquility to the room. Who can resist that in a busy household?

5. Your move

Each room you have to pack up for the move to a new home can get its own color. Every box gets a correspondent sticker to the room it belongs to. You can make a list of the rooms with the colors or even better, print out a floor plan of your new home and give each room the same colored sticker on the print. So if the kitchen has yellow, every box from the kitchen gets a yellow sticker. And the kitchen on the floor plan of the new home gets that same yellow sticker. Easy, right?

6. Your paperwork

You can bring color and organization in your paperwork through file folders and binders. If you have different colored file folders for health, transportation (your car), manuals and family for instance, when you get your mail, you can file those papers for the time being in the different folders. When the time has come (I recommend once a month around pay day) to archive your papers, find the correspondent/same color binder and put your paperwork away.

7. In your bathroom

Do you have a bunch of the same colored towels? Give each member of your family his/her own color and sew (with your sewing machine or by hand) a cotton ribbon loop in different colors on the towels. You always know which towel is yours! And you can even use the loops to hang your towels.

To get you even more organized I made some awesome labels for you. Each one with its own color of course. Just click the button for downloading.

If you are a CC member you can unlock the Freebies Library and download it from there

Give each member in your family a color and implement it throughout your household. You can have your own color key fob or gym bag or lunch box. Even your little one can have a pacifier cord in his or her color! Live gets a little bit easier with color coding and a heck of a lot brighter, I promise.

I would love to hear if you color code your life. Share your ideas and where you could color code.