Baby's name, troubles and issues when choosing

Baby's name, troubles and issues when choosing -

Yay, you're pregnant! You're so happy, although you will puke your guts up for the next weeks or maybe even months. Well, it's all for a good cause, right? But what will this little pumpkins name be? And who's to decide, who's got a vote?

No really, do we even need to discuss this? Isn't it just mummy and daddy's responsibility? Sometimes grandparents want a vote, especially grandma. She can be really determined and some grandmothers feel that a family member should be named after. Maybe you just don't want to name your little girl after aunt Betty. What if your husband takes the side of his mother? It could drive a wedge between you two. That's not something we want, right? 

And even when there are no others involved, it can be a challenge, choosing a name for your monkey. Are you going for modern, follow the trends, picking a top 10 name? In some families, all the kids' names begin with the same letter of the alphabet, like Anna, Amelia and Ashley. Or Jonathan, Jason and Jesse. 

But there is also your last name to consider. Don't end up with weird words or abbreviations, like Ingrid Louise Lawson or Logan Samuel Darby. OMG, that's just awful, poor child!

Here's what you could do. First of all, talk to each other and decide if you want to announce the baby's gender. Then be clear on the fact whether you want to let everybody in on the name you two chose. That way you can ponder and talk about your choices together without the interfering of others. And make perfectly clear that it's mommy and daddy deciding on the baby's name.

If you want to get a little inspiration, here's a list with beautiful, sweet, cool and awesome names to consider for your bundle of joy!

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Let's talk more about this and tell me in the comments, who chose the names of your kiddos?