You’re busy, right? I am too.

We have families, social responsibilities, and a household to run. But that’s not all. Most of us also have a job outside the home. It’s a lot to balance, isn’t it?

If you’re like me, you want everything to go smoothly. You don’t want to struggle with a messy home or waste time looking for the things you need. You’d rather spend your time with your kids and your hubby. I totally understand. I’m the same way.

With all these details to manage, it’s important to have everything you might need ready in your bag. Wouldn’t it be great to just see what you have with a quick glance without searching and digging for it? To know you’re prepared in every circumstance?



Hi, I’m Nicole...but you can call me Colleke just like my closest friends (and hubby) do. Just like you, I want to be organized and know I can rely on my bag to have everything I need. I want to feel prepared every time I leave my home. And I was frustrated until I created my own hand-crafted bag.

Let me tell you the story...


The Allison Bag actually started with a family vacation. I knew I didn’t want the same troubles I’d experienced in the past. You see, every member of our family gives me their things to carry with me and keep an eye on.

I knew I didn't want a bigger bag where I lost the ability to see what was inside. But I also knew I needed a bag with more pockets to hold everything in place.


So I created The Allison Bag for myself. I used my passion for sewing - inherited from my mom and grandma - to create the perfect bag to meet my needs. And I love my bag, because it makes me feel confident. Everything I need is right inside where I can quickly find it.

I love my Allison Bag so much that I want to share it with you. You deserve the same feeling of confidence and organization, so you can focus on the important stuff instead of searching for stray items at the bottom of your bag.

Colleke Creations launched in June of 2016 as a way to share my passion for organization and The Allison Bag I created with the world. My blog shares organizational tips and tricks you can use to make your everyday life even more quiet and peaceful. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by the posts I share.

In the online shop I share my Allison Bag with you. I know you’ll find it practical, helpful, and beautiful. For the future I’m looking forward to adding even more helpful, hand crafted items for you to enjoy.

Take a look around. It's lovely to have you here :-)

Signature Colleke

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